KIST welcomes talented researchers and students who participate in cutting-edge brain research. All job opening notifications—including ones for tenured researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and students—are listed on the KIST website. In the event that you plan to work or study at KIST, please contact the relevant KIST researcher(s) at least 2 months prior to beginning your duties.

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Research Position at KIST

  • Tenured researcher: This position is usually offered 2–3 times a year.
  • Postdoctoral researcher: Researchers who have earned their Ph.D. within the last 5 years can apply for this position during the first fifteen days of each month.
    * Special announcements, including ones for project-based positions, are sometimes posted on an as-needed basis.
  • Intern researchers: Researchers who received their master’s or Ph.D. within the last 6 months or have no working experience can apply for this position during the first fifteen days of each month.

Academic Program

KIST offers several unique graduate-level programs to help domestic and international students gain knowledge and practical research experience, thereby equipping them with the foundation to succeed as scientists and engineers in this specialized area of S&T. Research trainees from partner universities throughout Korea as well as students at UST and IRDA are carefully placed in research centers that closely correspond to their respective fields of study. By opening up opportunities for students to immerse themselves in S&T research under close supervision from their advisors, KIST aims to foster future technology leaders who can help achieve a brighter future.

  • Joint master’s/Ph.D. programs with partner universities: In this case, KIST focuses on R&D while the universities take charge of formal education. Students attend courses at the university while conducting R&D at KIST. Notifications for enrollment appear on the KIST website in August (for the spring semester) and February (forthe fall semester).
  • KU-KIST School: KIST and Korea University created a special program for recruiting students in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology. Openings are announced on the KU-KIST School website ( every April and October.
  • KIST School: KIST and the University of Science and Technology (UST) jointly operate this program. Openings are announced on the UST website
    ( every April and September.
  • KHU-KIST Department of Converging Science and Technology : KIST and Kyunghee university jointly operate this program. Openings are announced on the Kyunghee University website. every April and September.
  • Student researchers: Qualified students working on their master’s or Ph.D. at other universities can join KIST’s group of student researchers. Openings are listed on the KIST website every other month.